DesignaKnit Maintenance Updates

Updates for Professional Version

Download Update for DesignaKnit 7
Language Pack
Note that you must download both the update and the language pack

Updates for Standard Version

Download Update for DesignaKnit 7
Language Pack

To Install the Maintenance Update
  • Download the file to a temporary directory on your computer
  • Using "Explorer" change to the directory you downloaded to.
  • Double click on the file
  • Click "YES" to proceed with the installation
  • In the Enter Target Path dialog box type c:\dk7 click Unzip
  • Once the program is finished, click close to exit.

The necessary files have been installed in your DesignaKnit directory.

For Designaknit version 7, you must also download the Language Pack and repeat the above instructions.

Notice regarding Design-a-Knit 6

Effective January 1, 2007:

Due to changes in computer hardware and operating systems over the past 3 years DesignaKnit 6 will no longer be supported with replacement disks or product updates.In the event that original floppy disks become damaged you will have the option to upgrade to version 7.

Phone support will still be given for customers using DesignaKnit 6 on Windows 3.1 and Windows 98.

If you own DesignaKnit 6 and wish to use the program on the newer computers with ME 2000 XP or Vista you may upgrade your program to DesignaKnit version 7 this will allow you to continue to enjoy the benefits of this program on your newer computers.

DesignaKnit 7 is now supplied on CD instead of floppy disks as many of the newer computers have also discontinued the floppy disk drives.

To upgrade your program to version 7 return the original version 6 program and setup disks to:

Knitcraft Inc.
500 N Dodgion
Independence MO 64050

The cost of the upgrade is $148 US funds + $6 shipping.

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