The Lace Tool is a special add-on for Stitch Designer. Click on the tool and you can draw lace patterns instantly, as they will look when knitted, leaving DesignaKnit to work out the lace carriage passes and settings. You can design lace for Brother and Silver Reed electronic machines, Brother and Silver Reed punch card machines and Toyota Machines.

The Lace Tool is great for hand-knitted patterns too as it allows the designer complete freedom.

Brother Electronic Machines

With the Lace Tool you can draw both Lace and Fine Lace - and you can mix the two. You can design stitch patterns with bands of lace, Fair Isle and stitch texture in the same pattern, and you can even have lace and Fair Isle or texture in the same row. When you follow the pattern in Interactive Knitting, DesignaKnit will tell you when to change to the lace carriage, when to change the carriage settings from fine lace to normal lace and vice versa and when to change back to the knitting carriage, and when to change the knitting technique.

Silver Reed Electronic Machines

You can prepare lace patterns for both Simple and Fashion lace knitting and you can combine Fashion Lace with bands of Fair Isle or textured knitting. When you follow the pattern in Interactive Knitting, DesignaKnit will tell you when to change from Fashion to Simple lace settings and, if you are combining with other knitting techniques, when to change the carriage.

Toyota and other Punch Card Machines

If you have a Toyota machine you can design the lace as it will look when knitted, and DesignaKnit will automatically separate the lace selection to produce a template for the punchcard. Then, when you link to Interactive Knitting, via the Screen Link, DesignaKnit will tell you which carriage to use and when to change.

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